Monday, September 5, 2011

Americas cup stuff

Doing alot more with my tumblr, this is slower to update. Anyway here is some hats I found

Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is the hardest Vest from the Naval Club Collection. Way more details than the Similar vest that comes in three colors. It even comes with a Book with rusted paperclips and replica reciepts and details about the item etc. I cant find anything about this vest anywhere!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Going on summer Trip!

I am Going on a trip! Some of my stuff packed up/ Stuff I bought for trip.
Himalaya maufacturers travel hiking backpack
I like this back pack.

Loading up for summer! Ill be wearing Hawaiians with camp shirts and Fishing vests this summer.

Polo Sport Motocross jersey.

Polo Sport Motorcycle shirt. Looks like a motocross or street bike racing shirt.

If you know what this is let me know!

I buy Alot Of Vintage

Sunkist Striped polo.
Vintage Polo and topsiders
A vintage Life vest
Hilfiger Athletics Jacket is just like a Polo Sport
More awesome stuff I bought Later today!

San Diego is Known as a place to stop and Golf if your Sailing the pacific. I find lots of great golf stuff all the time. Check out these St Andrews Links golf balls.
St Andrews is the oldest Golf course in the world. Brooks Brothers just droppes a ST Andrews links collection BTW. I do not See too many of these tags anymore! Im just gonna leave the tag unpopped.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


These are the tennis sweaters I have found the last couple weeks, And I assembled a whole collection of POLO GOLF in the same time. I have Lots more of that golf stuff in other colors in my storage shed. There is a Fred Perry in there too.

STEVE URKEL BACKPACK YO! Polo Flag Henely from 87, Tailored slazenger windbreaker rain hoody from augasta golf shop for us masters, Bereker sweater!

Some cool stuff I found today when I was bored. Guess yacht club shirt, Weird tri-blue polo rugby, A pink a teal cooler for the beach, LA gear athletic shorts, Nautica Sailing Shirt. This isnt even the coolest Stuff I found!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Polo Sport

Some stuff I forgot to pack away in storage for the winter. I have a winter coat for everyday of the year, I should move to the Mountains. The black And red jacket is reversible. I never wear the fleece side out though. I need to take nicer photos, but at least I dont make posts about other peoples gear I show my own. My damn kitty cat fuzzed up the fleece. I am In the process of digging out some ill summer gear From my stash and taking some photo's.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Americas cup stuff, My Grail items + more

So I reside In San Diego And spend lots of time in Americas cup harbor around boats and docks and stuff, so of course I meet sailors. Every now and again I meet people with cool stories about Americas cup or Louis Vuitton Cup and some even have souvenirs they show or give to me. Some of the coolest stuff in my opinion Is the Co-branded Stuff. Many brands made specific merchandise just for Americas Cup Including Louis Vuitton, Polo, Lacoste, Helly Hansen, Sebago and more. Before I actually collected this stuff I have came Across quite a bit of it but it was always very worn. Sailor's wear their clothes in pretty rough. You can see the jackets and other gear outfitted to the America3 crew in the photos above. I have found some CPRL 92 oxford shirts back in the day, but they were in the roughest condition I passed cause i wouldnt wear em. now I would take em just for a live example in my collection. My holy grails are the Plain white America3 crew polo and the jacket with the big flag. There is multiple versions of the jacket. Some where produced especially for the crew and where nicer and had different logos than the one sold in the mall. So far I got many Misc things
but nothing slammin yet. I live here where the races went down and we have a HUGE nautical community so the gear is desirable here. Makes it harder to find. Not to mention most pieces where sold in NY or taken to other parts of the globe by the many visitors who purchased the gear here in SD then dipped. Im going to holler at some more sailors and see If I cand find some more Info on CPRL 92 gear.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Versace sweater, Hermes watches and burberrys ties! yep.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lots of unique polos here, One crazy clown colorblock polo. And a polo with the logo on the collar. here soon!