Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Dug this one out the stash. ebay is a fun hobby if you are not trying to come up hard like a lot of sellers.
Some of the inflated prices on things are sort of gross, but ebay does make people feel slammed with the fees. I am also giving etsy a try for vintage frames but they are a bigger pain to photograph than I expected.
I have 300+ frames to photograph, ugh. On the bright side I got all the malware of my computer which kept me from doing all the cool stuff I want to do, like updating this blog and maybe making the layout look better. Also maybe if I had one damn follower i could get some more initiative! Oh well people are haters quite a bit on the net, I am sure I will get some hate before I get love. Its all good.
Some other weird stuff I got, I am going to sell.
So i guess these trains are sort of desirable

Hahaha This Starriors deadeye still works!
This battle set is awesome! there was a bunch of masks from the toyline mask in the box as well as stuff from crossbows and catapaults. I know its not polo, but i am heavy off into 80's stuff right now.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am back, I got the a lil bit ago, going to upgrade this blog some day!